Harley Quinn has been ruined both appearance wise and personality wise. Let’s begin shall we. First of all the new 52 outfit makes no sense and just comes off as pointlessly oversexualized and makes her look like a clown hooker while anything that gave her classic look charm gone. Her old classic Jester jumpsuit look was  designed for gymnastics, and to greatly resemble a Harlequin; Her new outfit looks like her corset will split down the middle if she tries to do a backflip. Second her personality is gone. The loveable, bubbly, psychotic and fun personality of the Harley Quinn I know and love is gone replaced with a “edgy” personality….just WHY? She kills a bus full of kids? WHY??? She’s insane alright but she NEVER did anything THAT extreme and to make matters worse is she moved on from the abusive relationship she had and went to form the badass team that was The Gotham City Sirens and she became a stronger person for leaving Joker. The Harley Quinn we all know and love is gone replaced with this abomination and the “DC “talent search” is making things worse.It was bad enough that they already oversexualized Harley’s design, ruined her personality and made her origins as stupid as humanly possible, but now they have a fucking contest on to see how best you can sexualize suicide AND THEN JUSTIFIES IT. This is disgusting beyond belief, completely misogynistic and makes fun of suicide. The biggest problem I have with “DC’s “Talent Search” is that DC chose to run this contest WHEN WORLDWIDE SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY IS SEPTEMBER 10. All of next week is Suicide Prevention Week. Good looking out, DC. Yes they canceled it but it just comes off as them being childish fucking dicks to the fans, the character and making fun of suicide and treating it like a joke but than a huge outcry from the fans and than they canceled it. Fuck you DC.  RIP Harley Quinn 1992-2011.